Excellent machines made by W.O. The Bentley is one of the most recognizable cars of all time. Massive, powerful and fast, they are among the last machines of their era.

The 3-liter arrived in 1921. It is based on a rigid conventional ladder chassis frame with massive side members, with a stress-free body sitting in front of its prominent round radiator. Beneath the bonnet was a four-cylinder stationary empty engine with a single overhead camshaft that operated from the front of the crane and operated 16 valves.

The 3-litre developed an impressive 80bhp, while the 4½-litre which followed gave 105bhp. Even more was on tap from the famous ‘blower’ 4½ and six-cylinder, 6½ litre Speed Six from 1929.

Ettore Bugatti called the Bentley ‘the fastest lorry in the world’. W.O. Bentley built their cars strong, powerful and fast, and their record in the competition shows that the strategy was successful: Bentley’s cars competed with the French four times in a row 24 hours from 1927 to 1930 in Le Mans. Was defeated. But Bentley’s sporting success did not match the market: the recession came when the company moved to a super-luxury area with its 8-liter model. In 1930 Bentley went into obscurity and was captured by the Rolls Royce.

The 8-litre Bentley was built to take on Rolls-Royce, but arrived as the Depression started.

Bentley’s first car was the four-cylinder 3 litre, unveiled in 1921. The 16-valve engine developed 80bhp.